Perdido Key, FL

Beautiful Perdido Key, FL

Perdido Key is an island community located in the greater Pensacola, FL and Orange Beach, AL area; the area is located on  a 16-mile stretch of island, with nearly 60% of it designated as federal or state parks. This makes Perdido Bay one of the last stretches of unblemished wilderness in the entire Florida Panhandle.
Because of its large percentage of pristine beach and wilderness, real estate in Perdido Bay is highly sought-after. Homeowners love it here for the beauty and relative privacy, even during tourist season; visitors love it for the relaxing surroundings and variety of things to do. 
If you live or own rental property in Perdido Bay, it’s vital to make sure that its temperature is comfortable all year round. 

Thorough AC Repair

Like other communities in the Panhandle and along the Gulf of Mexico, Perdido Key is prone to extremely hot temperatures during the summer months. Much of the uncomfortable heat is made more pleasant because of the proximity to the beach, but some days you just need to spend time indoors in the comfortable air conditioning. But what do you do if your air conditioning begins to malfunction? Contact Diamond Air Design for prompt, experienced AC repairs! Once we’re through, you or your tenants can go back to enjoying a comfortable house.

Need A Heat Pump?

A heat pump is designed to make your home comfortable when cooler weather strikes. It will collect residual heat from the air outside the home and transfer it indoors. In the event that there is not enough residual heat in the air outdoors, a heat pump will contain an electric heater that will act to warm your home. 
Perdido Key does experience cooler temperatures during the winter months; if you’re interested in an energy-efficient, all-in-one unit to keep you comfortable, give us a call to learn about heat pumps!