Indoor Air Quality

Improve Your Air Quality

Diamond Air Design is ready to help you better your property’s indoor air quality. Indoor air quality can be affected by mold and other microbial contamination that can accumulate on moisture in HVAC systems. Also, these allergens can reduce the energy efficiency of your system and cost you money.  

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Indoor Air Quality FAQs

Which UV system should I buy?

The best way to determine the correct model is to consult with the Diamond Air Design IAQ experts, who can properly analyze your individual needs.

What is the best way to use the UV system to reduce mold?

The best way is to install a single lamp system or two lamp systems to allow for proper exposure of HVAC components.

What is the benefit of installing UV in the evaporator coil?

A UV system installed on the Evap-coil will optimize airstream disinfection while at the same time stopping the growth of mold where it is most likely to grow.

What is the benefit of installing two systems?

Installing a UV system on moist HVAC components prevents mold. The addition of a system in the return air duct optimizes airstream disinfection.

Can Reme Halo be installed on equipment outdoors?

The Reme Halo with weather tight enclosure, is recommended for commercial, RTUs and all outdoor applications.

How much UV is too much?

It is not possible to “overdose” with UV. Your HVAC professional will be able to recommend the right amount of UV protection.

What is the benefit of installing two systems?

Only a trained HVAC professional should install a UV air disinfection system to ensure an optimal performance.

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